For over 10 years, the QRC Group has been successfully working to directly approach candidates and fill engineering positions. Our consultants and recruiters in this segment are engineers themselves, and they understand the requirements and profiles in the sector from years of practical experience.

We offer workforce recruiting for technical management and engineering positions in the industries of mechanical and plant engineering, automotive, the construction industry, electrical and automation technology, energy technology, plastic technology, mechanical engineering and microelectronics. We have been working for major companies for many years, and we maintain intensive contacts with leading engineers.


Currently, the high demand for engineers is interfering with companies’ ability to expand and handle customer requests. The only way to reach and recruit suitable, competent engineers is through active and direct appeal. Trust in our outstanding networks and years of experience in recruiting for engineering positions. We successfully fill management positions (Executive Search), specialist engineering positions (Expert Search), such as electrical engineers, production engineers, construction engineers, sales engineers, and short-term positions through Interim Management.

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The effects of Industry 4.0 on the labour market have heavily impacted engineering. Interdisciplinary teams are becoming essential to everyday work. In the future, the fields of computer science and engineering will overlap more and more, connections to economists will become closer, and contact with final customers will become more direct. Developing digital business models has been commonplace for industrial engineers for many years. However, in the future other engineers will also be involved in working at the interfaces between hardware and IT. At some point, software expertise will become essential in every position, while IT knowledge will become more and more important. Likewise, the ability to act in an agile, open, customer-focused way free from hierarchies to find new solutions is absolutely essential for success in the engineering field.

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Industries involving a high level of robotic technology are currently particularly competitive; in the future, they will create new jobs for computer scientists and engineers. Close collaborations between robots and employees can generate great gains in efficiency. However, there are some social and political hurdles that must be overcome before this is the case. The regulation of robotics is a controversial subject around the world. Key issues include liability for damage by automated systems, as well as possible robotics taxes in case of lost jobs.

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Engineers continue to be in high demand! Currently, there are around 80,000 open positions in engineering, around 16,000 of these in energy and electrical engineering, 17,000 in mechanical and plant engineering, and 31,000 in construction engineering. Engineers in specialised disciplines, in particular, are in higher demand than ever before. The growth of digitisation, renewable energies, and machine learning and artificial intelligence demand new specialists in the engineering field. The demand for engineers is continuing to grow in every industry in 2018, with the largest growth in electrical engineering and among economic and construction engineers, each with 16% growth. 10% more engineers were needed than in the previous year in vehicle and mechanical engineering.
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