Good purchasing managers and buyers not only play a major role in cutting costs – they also have a significant impact on quality and logistical costs within their companies.

Purchasing is increasingly moving away from its original role and becoming an essential part of a company that creates added value and significantly improves competitiveness. The digital transformation is in full swing within purchasing departments, bringing about fundamental changes for markets and companies, including the objectives and factors with which purchasing departments have found success in the past. Purchasing managers have to proactively drive transformation and development to digitise their departments. In view of the changing requirements for this corporate function, companies need new objectives and profiles when recruiting buyers and purchasing managers.

QRC Group Purchasing

As an HR consulting firm operating around the world, the QRC Group boasts unrivalled expertise in recruiting a wide range of purchasing professionals. A solid understanding of the market, strong negotiating skills and detailed planning are essential skills for buyers in all industries. Some of the positions filled by the QRC Group include purchasing managers, purchasing director, heads of strategic purchasing, technical buyers, project buyers and purchasers of capital goods.

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Challenges Of The Digital Transformation

Professional expertise, innovative thinking and ambition are key values for employees in purchasing. Top buyers and strategists are urgently needed in an increasingly complex, challenging and exciting world that is characterised by networking and Industry 4.0.

New Ways Of Thinking

Due to dynamic changes in the structure of the market, outstanding specialists can help make their companies competitive and fit for the future. The arrangement of supply and logistics contracts enables companies to make savings while orienting their production needs according to market and product analysis.

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Only The Best

In recent years, the QRC Group has recruited several top executives and experts for a wide range of purchasing positions. Our network contains a large number of specialists, allowing us to find the right solution for every vacancy.

TOP Buyers Wanted

There is currently a high demand for purchasing experts and executives, as revealed by a barometer published by the German Association for Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics (BME) in 2015. 54% of companies have identified a prospective lack of successors for key roles within their own company over the next five to ten years, while 40% even believe their talent pool is too small.

In addition to pay rises, German companies are facing a decline in the quality of applications (50%), a significant drop in applications (37%), a lower acceptance rate for contract offers (32%) and greater fluctuation in purchasing (22%). It is particularly difficult for SMEs to find suitable staff. Especially when it comes to hidden champions, their own employer brand or location often isn’t interesting enough to immediately reach out to the top candidates in a job advertisement.

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Die Veränderungen in der Textilindustrie haben immense Auswirkungen auf die Logistik bzw. Supply Chain und folglich auch auf Führungskräfte und Mitarbeiter in dieser Branche. Egal ob traditionelle Retailer wie Tchibo, Takko und Orsay oder junge Firmen mit reinem Onlinegeschäft wie z.B. Outfittery, Leadership muss teils neu gedacht und bewertet werden.

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Mit welchen neuen Anforderungen sich die Fashionindustrie und besonders der Handel mit seinen Filial- und E-Commerce-Aktivitäten beschäftigen muss, haben wir kürzlich skizziert. Unser besonderes Augenmerk lag und liegt auf den Auswirkungen für das Management in den Unternehmen, vor allen Dingen auf moderner Führung in agilen Zeiten. (Lesen Sie hier gerne…

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