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QRC Group Interim Management GmbH is the competence centre for interim management within the QRC Group. As an interim management provider, we specialise in recruiting temporary interim managers and specialists across many different industries.

QRC Group Interim Management is always the right solution if your company needs specialised management or expert competence on a temporary basis. Temporary managers and specialists offer a practical solution to upcoming implementation projects. They can handle both strategic and operational implementation for your project. Thanks to their expertise and broad range of experience, interim managers can ensure long-term knowledge transfer within your company. Specialists provide specialised professional expertise based on key qualifications. They always act objectively, with a focus on success.

Currently available interim managers


We are happy to support you with our network of interim managers / interim experts !

Here is an excerpt of available interim managers / interim experts from various fields



QRC Interim Management Hires for change processes

What is an interim manager?

Interim managers are freelancers who join a company temporarily whenever specialised expertise is needed on a short-term basis, or when companies need resources very quickly. We differentiate between interim managers who take on management positions on a short-term basis and interim specialists / freelancers, who support projects with their professional expertise or act as reinforcements to the company’s existing areas of expertise.


Work areas

Interim managers and interim specialists / freelancers are employed in a variety of situations.

  • Bridging management bottlenecks
  • Duties related to M&A processes
  • Crisis and turnaround management
  • Managing projects of all kinds
  • Supporting existing employees
Human Resources

Your benefits

  • Availability at short notice / minimal formalities
  • Quick training / fast handling of your issues
  • Comprehensive expertise / consistent performance
  • Management know-how / clear focus on results
  • Professional expertise / long-term knowledge-transfer
  • No advance payment / monthly billing based on work performed
  • High flexibility / cost-efficiency and effectiveness
  • Minimising the risk of “false self-employment”
  • Flexible contract terms
What makes QRC Interim unique?
Interim management – our key difference
Gespräch am Konferenztisch

You will benefit from ...

  • … our presence throughout Germany at all QRC Group locations
  • … our large, up-to-date database of qualified and experienced interim managers and interim specialists / freelancers
  • … our agility in hiring, very short turnaround between enquiry and hiring
  • … our template contracts, designed based on current, applicable regulations and laws
  • … our team with extensive experience in your industry
Top sectors & functional areas for interim management

QRC Group Interim Management GmbH works across many different industries. Thanks to the wide variety of industry expertise offered by our team, we are able to react competently to all kinds of project enquiries. We support companies in many different tasks – with managers on the executive level, technical specialists, and entire teams upon request.

In addition to reflecting almost all industries, our interim managers also come from almost all functional areas. The qualified pre-selection process we employ for our QRC interim pool allows us to provide you with an interim manager or interim specialist / freelancer quickly with the specific expertise you require.

QRC interim managers work in many different areas – from A for automotive to T for telecommunications:


  • System / machinery construction
  • Automotive
  • Consulting
  • E-commerce
  • Financial services
  • Retail
  • Information technology / telecommunications
  • Logistics
  • Medical technology
  • Pharmaceutical / chemistry
  • Corporate holdings
The project enquiry What we need from you:
  • Non-binding enquiries:
    • In general, our consulting services and the search for the right interim manager are free of charge. You will only pay after your interim manager’s first day on the job.
  • Detailed briefing
    • We will hold a detailed discussion with you either personally or over the phone regarding your project goals, your requirements, your corporate situation and the framework conditions for your planned project.
  • We are able to present matching interim candidates quickly
    • You will meet personally with us and your selected candidates. You will then decide on the type and scope of collaboration.
    • You and the interim manager will each receive a contract from us with the conditions you stipulate (such as start date and projected hire term).
    • After the contracts are signed, you can begin successfully implementing your project.


Mr Marklund and Mr Nienaber will be happy to assist you with contacting managers quickly. You can also send a message to interim@qrc-group.com or call us at +49 (0)2132-75688-0.

QRC Interim Pool

We are always looking for qualified and experienced interim managers / specialists / freelancers in the following functional areas to join our portfolio:


  • Human resources
  • Finance/ controlling
  • Business development
  • Corporate management
  • IT system / application development
  • Engineering
  • Development
  • Production
  • Project management


Please send your profile to interim@qrc-group.com with the subject “QRC Interim Pool” to be added to our pool.

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Project references

We are providing the following list of selected reference projects to indicate the breadth of our recruiting expertise. We would also be happy to share other projects we have successfully completed with you upon request.


Study results bogus self-employment 2017

Here you can obtain the study results on the topic of bogus self-employment from 2017

Interim Studie HP Bild

We look forward to hearing from you

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