In the field of healthcare, the QRC Group human resources consulting firm recruits experts, specialists and executives for the public health, medical technology, pharmaceutical and life science sectors. Thanks to the many years of experience of our recruitment consultants and recruiters in these areas, they have exceptional knowledge of the industry and excellent networks that enable them to establish contact with the decision-makers. This means that our headhunters do not first have to familiarise themselves with the subject matter and the field of healthcare, but can focus directly on the search and matching potential candidates with companies.

The term “healthcare” is still usually associated exclusively with doctors and medical professionals. Although these are of course still in great demand and there is also extreme competitive pressure for them, recent years have seen an even greater expansion of the field. Healthcare is a booming economic market that not only reflects technological progress, but is also driving it forward decisively with its own innovations and solutions.


As a result of this constant development and progress, the various sectors of healthcare need more and more highly qualified specialists and experts. Finding them, however, can be difficult. In addition to an excellent education, they must understand interconnections, have an eye for complex interactions and always be able to develop innovative solutions. Therefore, companies that want to fill a vacancy in these areas need a strong partner such as the QRC Group human resources consulting firm, which helps in finding the best candidates.