The QRC Group human resources consulting firm is your competent partner when it comes to filling open expert and executive positions in the field of e-mobility and infrastructure. With our many consultants and recruiters and our extensive network of contacts in this field, we can provide you with just the experts and specialists you need for your company.

Climate change, nuclear phase-out, decarbonisation and the diesel scandal are all fuelling the rapid growth of the fledgling field of e-mobility. An ecosystem of new, promising business models is emerging from a universe of small niche players. At least since companies like Volkswagen irreversibly initiated the transformation, the trend is shifting from complicated individual solutions to scalable, standardised and integrated solutions – or as one industry expert recently put it: “…Business is on the horizon…”

QRC - The professional human resources consulting firm in the field of e-Mobility

Our experienced headhunters for this field have spent years working in sales, marketing and development for well-known companies in e-mobility, infrastructure and energy. As a result, they understand the issues, including the corresponding job profiles. This way, our consultants can begin searching for the right experts for your company right away, without the need to acquire specialised industry knowledge. We can support you in searching for and selecting managers (Executive Search), specialists (Expert Search) and Interim Management. We find the best employees for e-mobility and infrastructure.

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About e-mobility
Human Resources

The market

E-mobility is an important facet of the “new mobility”. However, innovative mobility concepts mean more than just electrically powered cars. It also involves, of course, alternative drive technologies – keyword: hydrogen.

A process of change

  • • New utilisation models such as car sharing – using instead of owning – are revolutionising business models
    • Car manufacturers are becoming energy producers and storage companies
    • via the leasing sector
    • Land use concepts in urban and infrastructure planning need to be completely re-imagined
Human Resources
Telko Medien Informationstechnologie

A new approach

It has become clear that the job profiles of e-mobilists require skills from sectors that were previously separate and that a 1:1 translation from the “old world” is impossible. After all, charging is not the same as filling up, an EMP is not a car dealer, and the final mile to the customer is still complicated with building laws, municipal regulations, etc.

Skills needed

e-mobility – or rather “new mobility” – solutions require new employees with

• cross-divisional competences (ICT, automotive, energy industry, etc.)
• “digital experience” and an agile mind-set
• innovative work culture – fast, technology-savvy and committed to change

Human Resources
The importance for the recruitment of experts & executives

Human resource specialists need to know the market, maintain cross-industry and cross-functional networks and develop position profiles tailored to the candidate target group.

The partners and consultants of the QRC Group human resources consulting firm have many years of extensive business experience in these individual disciplines and fill innovative expert and executive positions. In a structured process, we develop the right requirement profiles with our customers, use our market expertise for targeted direct approaches and thus help companies to recruit highly qualified employees and executives. Contact us!

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We will work with you to develop a custom-fit search profile, research and analyse the market, define search strategies and professionally handle your order. Contact our contact persons for more detailed, in-depth information.

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