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The QRC Group is the human resources consulting firm to support your digital transformation and fill important digital leadership and other key positions in your company.

Everyone is talking about digitalisation, robotics and automation. For over ten years, we have been successfully implementing these through our help with personnel searches in a wide variety of projects. Since the early days of digitalisation, the QRC Group has been active in building digital offices, new digital business models and business units for major European companies. We support the development of your teams, filling newly created positions with the right candidates.



Experience in filling digital positions

Our many years of experience in the field of digitalisation promise our customers, who are both in the consulting industry and on the user side, a decisive edge in finding the best and most suitable employees. As a human resources consulting firm that provides support in the area of digitalisation, we have been involved in all stages of the development of these technologies and can act for you with a targeted and future-oriented approach.

Digital competence

With our in-depth knowledge of the various areas of digitalisation, we have the ability to fill a wide range of digitalisation positions in a focused manner.


In addition to industry experience, we have extensive experience in filling both highly qualified bridge builders for challenging projects and for very technically demanding positions (such as Hadoop, Spark, Enterprise Architects) as well as in finding and filling leadership positions such as CDOs or ‘Heads of Digital Transformation’.

Human Ressources

Digital strategies

Digital transformation requires a good corporate strategy. This is why, when it comes to filling digital positions, our focus is always on the business model and the best possible support from the right employees. With this vision and our ability to “think outside the box”, today we are already a strategic partner of major companies for the recruitment of specialised positions.


Network to digital experts

We have access to the best leading ‘digital’ minds. As headhunters for digital leadership and expert positions, we have repeatedly demonstrated our proof-of-concept over the past years, successfully filling over 500 digital positions.



Medienindustrie Branche
Artificial intelligence in robotics, automation and networking

Cloud or hybrid cloud solutions in combination with new transmission and networking technologies such as IoT and 5G can be used to improve production and service structures. Existing robotics and/or measurement sensor technology must in turn be cost-effectively networked with automation and AI solutions. Automatically running processes reduce error rates thanks to the use of the control loop principle, i.e. through the feedback of control results. This can bring about a quantum leap in performance, provided that the necessary expertise is available.


Over 10 years of technology and digital experience


In-house recruitment specialists with technology and digital expertise


Network of around 800,000 IT, technology and digital experts


Presentation of suitable candidates normally within 2-4 weeks

Process quality

High quality through technology-supported identification, personal interview and selection process

Added value

Onboarding support and post-hire care process

Personnel search in the field of AI, automation and robotics

Not only automation and robots, but also autonomous and self-learning systems are currently revolutionising our society and our economy. A wide variety of sectors such as industry, the chemical industry, medicine and the automotive and aerospace industries are increasingly using intelligent production or assistance systems and robots. To successfully introduce and use such technologies, the right executives and experts are needed. The complexity of the tasks to be solved requires knowledge from many technical fields, such as electronics, mechanics, computer science, measurement and sensor technology as well as image processing. This can lead to difficult and complex personnel searches. Thanks to our many years of expertise, we are the ideal partner for our customers in the field of AI, automation, robotics and the networking between them

Georg Hesel

The digital revolution is changing our world at a pace we have never known before. The term exponential growth, currently on everyone’s lips, is also highly relevant in the field of digitisation. Everything is currently being revolutionised! Just a small example, soon it will be over with steering wheel, brake,…

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Georg Hesel

If we take a look into the year 2018, the total gross domestic product (GDP) for all countries of the world was 84.74 trillion US dollars. This figure includes every cucumber sold, every visit to the hairdresser and also every holiday trip. The GDP as a measure of economic performance…

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Practice Group Pharma

Information about apps is becoming increasingly important in therapies. The care of people with chronic diseases can be personalised and managed more efficiently. The “Digital Care Act” will lead to more apps on prescription. The digital transformation process will result in information technology making drug intolerance statements, personalised medicines being…

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For months, felt years…, the IT media (e.g. Channel Partner 4/2020, p. 32) have been unanimously reporting that specialists and managers are in great demand in the IT industry, but that there is a great shortage of them. System houses and IT service providers fear for the real possible growth,…

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Digitisation is also an important topic in the chemical industry and a central key for “Chemistry 4.0”. In public perception and on the labour market, however, the industry is rarely associated with digitisation. There are good reasons for this and the question therefore arises as to how well prepared chemical…

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Leaders and experts for the digital transformation

With our customised search services, we find the right minds for your digital future. With Executive Search to fill 1st and 2nd level management positions with a digital connection or with Expert Search to recruit competent digital experts. Or are you interested in filling an open vacancy on a temporary basis? Then use our Interim Search. We find and fill the best digital experts and executives for your digital transformation project.


Jobs Digital positions
Datum: 09. April 2024

Mobiles Arbeiten oder in Hamburg, Elmshorn, Kiel usw.

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Datum: 21. March 2024


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Datum: 26. January 2023

Zentrale Lage im Ruhrgebiet

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Datum: 01. December 2023


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Datum: 23. November 2023


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Datum: 15. December 2023

Raum Fulda

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Our most important industry segments in digitalisation

The QRC Group is represented in numerous locations throughout Europe.

Outside Europe, our contacts in Dubai and Shanghai will support you in filling management and expert positions.

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