Just as in many other industries, the demand for highly qualified marketing specialists and managers is greater than the supply of suitable candidates. At the QRC Group, we take a new approach to personnel consulting and headhunting for managers and specialist positions in online marketing, mobile marketing and e-commerce.

We combine proven and modern recruiting channels (including mobile marketing and tweets) with direct searches to efficiently search for and identify suitable candidates. As a recruiting firm, we support companies in their search for marketing executives and experts. Our outstanding market expertise combined with our focus on customers serves as the foundation for high-quality, fast, efficient, and effective recruiting. We are a reliable and respectable partner, not only for our customers, but for our candidates as well. We submit information and our assessment of a candidate to our client only with the applicant’s consent.

QRC Group Marketing

Today, recruiting the best candidates takes more than just isolated measures – instead, it demands a detailed recruiting strategy. We work with our customers to develop individual, successful recruitment concepts for management and expert positions, custom-tailored for the advertised position. We recruit for the following positions in the marketing field, for instance: Head of Corporate Communications, Head of Marketing, Digital Consultants, Online Media Planning, Head of Online Sales, Senior Media Planner.

TOP Marketing demands the highest standards
Planning and implementing sales policy measures online or offline, and designing long-term, comprehensive marketing concepts requires a high level of professional expertise. There are no specific degree programs or training courses for many positions advertised today in the Marketing field; therefore, professional and practical experience are highly important. Complex contexts involving the targeted use of different media, and analysing the market situation, also require thorough professional expertise. Frequently, this results in outstanding opportunities within Marketing to move to the next career level and take on a management position with more responsibility.


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Thomas Völklein

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Umland München

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Was Kandidaten über uns sagen

Sehr geehrter Herr Knorr, … Ich hatte bereits vermutet, dass die besagten Branchen nicht zu Ihrem Klientel zählen. Dennoch ist Ihr Gedanke zu meinem Lebenslauf äußert hilfreich. Ich möchte Ihnen an dieser Stelle mitteilen, dass solch ein Hinweis eher die Ausnahme bei einem Personalberater ist. Das spricht für Sie und Ihr Unternehmen. Ich werde Sie auf jeden Fall weiter empfehlen.

Gerald K. Kandidat