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The QRC Group has been recruiting experts and decision-makers for some of Germany's largest companies in the plant and mechanical engineering sector for many years. Our headhunters and recruiters have long-term experience in this sector, as well as outstanding networks of contacts with top executives and mechanical engineering experts.

Thanks to advances in quality and innovation, mechanical engineering is a key sector within the German economy, driven by managers and decision-makers in the industry as well as a large number of highly specialised mechanical engineers. Nevertheless, the lack of trained employees in this economic branch is particularly notable.


Identifying the right top employees and undertaking professional assessments can help you avoid expensive mistakes in hiring for mechanical and plant engineering positions.


From plant engineering executives to production managers to mechanical engineers, you can benefit from our broad network.


We can find top candidates to fill your vacancies in plant and mechanical engineering: Thanks to our own experience in the industry, we understand your requirements.


The QRC Group supports major mechanical and plant engineering companies in recruiting and selecting managers through Executive Search. We understand the requirements and we know top specialists in mechanical and plant engineering. We can reach and recruit the experts you need through our Expert Search If you want to fill temporary management or expert positions, then use our search for Interim Management. Our consultants have years of experience themselves in mechanical and plant engineering companies, and as recruiters with outstanding expertise.

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Outstanding expertise, innovative thinking, and ambition are the values needed by good employees in plant and mechanical engineering. They are focused on developing the machines of the future, a complex, challenging and exciting world shaped by growth and new technologies.

New Ways Of Thinking

Due to dynamic structural changes in mechanical engineering, and especially due to the introduction of Industry 4.0 in production and automation technology, outstanding development engineers can help secure the futures and competitiveness of their companies. We appeal directly to your desired candidates to find the best solution for your company, no matter the position.


Only The Best

Only highly creative engineers can take on positions in product and service development. Thanks to their above-average expertise and speciality knowledge in solution management, these engineers play a key role in the industrial, scientific and economic progress of their companies.


Industrial companies are currently undergoing a major transformation, one they will only be able to manage with highly trained, courageous and creative employees. The companies that recruit the best executives and experts, and can gain their long-term loyalty, will come out on top of the significant restructuring demanded by Industry 4.0.

In recent years, the QRC Group has filled a large number of positions with major customers in mechanical and plant engineering. These positions range from CEOs and other top executives, to middle management, specialist functions in fields like solution management, production technology, and of course engineers in development and sales.


As a headhunter we do not only advise companies. The maintenance of our candidate network is also very important to us. We are in regular contact with people who are first looking for orientation and, if necessary, only in the second step to a new position. Should I switch to…

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Thomas Völklein

In the first step a short explanation. The value chain of the data economy consists of the generation, collection, storage, processing/analysis, utilisation and/or deletion of data. Along this chain, companies require various digital technologies, algorithms or statistical methods. The results are new business models, improved processes, data-driven services and thus…

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As specialists in filling positions in the fields of environmental and processing technologies, we have been observing very closely how the Corona times affect recruiting, especially in the current phase. In Venice the water is crystal clear, the environmental influences, which have long preoccupied climate policy, are demonstrably diminishing and…

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Armin W. Rainer

In der industriellen Fertigung gewinnen generative Technologien (im Endverbraucher-Bereich auch als »3D-Druck« bekannt) zunehmend an Bedeutung. Die Fertigungsanlagen für den industriellen Einsatz haben sich hinsichtlich Qualität, Produktivität und Prozessstabilität in den letzten Jahren stark weiterentwickelt. Zusätzlich gibt es mittlerweile ein breites Spektrum an Materialien für unterschiedliche Produktanforderungen und Einsatzgebiete.

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Carmen Kraushaar

„Eine Frau“ – meine Nachfolgerin?! Viele Unternehmen stehen vor einem Generationswechsel in der Führung: Nach Schätzung des Instituts für Mittelstandsforschung (Ifm) stehen im Zeitraum von 2010 bis 2014 schätzungsweise 110.000 Unternehmensübergaben in Deutschland an. Nicht immer steht ein Nachfolger zur Stelle, wenn die ältere Generation abtritt. Und häufig sind es Männer, die als potenzielle…

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