A company’s competitiveness depends on numerous factors. Companies in the IT sector have to find professionals who can embody their modern corporate strategy in the age of digitisation. When it comes to recruiting IT experts and executives, companies often need external support from HR consulting firms. The QRC Group focuses on ensuring high-quality services and excellent advice.

We explore our broad network, actively source talent and contact high-potential candidates directly to help our customers fill critical vacancies. The QRC Group not only supports its customers with searches and recruitments – we act as planners and strategists at an early stage of their IT projects. Our consultants keep an eye on employers and candidates at the same time to identify and attract the best people for the job.


Our consultants and recruiters for IT are specialists who personally spent many years working for SMEs and global corporations in the IT sector before making the switch to human resources. QRC is your headhunting partner when it comes to finding and selecting executives, experts and interim managers in the IT sector to make your company fit for the future. Please get in touch.

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New Challenges Every Day

With big data entering the petabyte, exabyte, zettabyte and even yottabyte ranges, the volumes of data to be processed are continuing to grow, and this process is now being accelerated by further changes in the age of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things. Digitising processes and networking all IT systems takes highly qualified specialists with a passion for IT jobs and projects. However, these candidates cannot be found and recruited without putting the brakes on operations and sales.

IT In Use

ICT is the basis of almost all production and control processes, as high-tech products with complex software are used at all company levels. The QRC Group develops strategies with its customers to quickly and confidently satisfy the growing demand for experts and executives. Finding the right way to reach out to IT specialists is one of the most demanding tasks for HR consulting firms. However, QRC’s consultants can draw on a broad network.


Organisational Development

In the age of digitisation, organisational development can only be achieved within the framework of a comprehensive and modern corporate strategy and with the support of the right talent. The experienced partners of the QRC Group work with their customers to develop a plan for the future that is tailored exactly to their company. Thanks to our extensive experience and specialisation in the IT sector, our human resources consultants know the ins and outs of the market. And as we remain close to the IT sector, we understand the needs of companies and can match them with the wishes of candidates.

Our IT Recruits
CIO, CTO, Head of IT, Head of Division, Digital Initiative Manager, IT Project Manager, System Administrator, Network Architect, Software Developer, ERP Consultant, Data Analyst, Technical Lead, Database Developer, Data Architect, Java Specialist and System Cloud Solution Architect.
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