Within the pharmaceutical industry, the QRC Group recruits specialists for clinical research, pharmacovigilance, validation, sales and marketing for successful SMEs and internationally operating DAX companies. Our headhunters for the pharmaceutical industry are dedicated to the search for executives and experts and will recruit the optimal candidates for your company through a naturally grown and resilient network of contacts within the industry and through the latest technology-based recruitment tools.

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most profitable branches within the chemical industry, but it also faces the special requirements of the industry in an even more pronounced way: The production and research of new drugs requires specialists and experts with complex and highly specialised requirements, from pharmaceutical chemists to development engineers. Especially in research, there is also an increasingly extreme demand for developers and IT specialists to look after the infrastructure and to facilitate and control the merging and management of data. IT specialists have never been more valuable to the pharmaceutical industry, especially in decentralised research facilities and in lengthy quality assurance processes.

Pharmaceuticals specialists and TOP executives

Our headhunters and recruiters have themselves worked in pharmaceutical and life sciences companies for many years, so they have extensive experience from the industry. This allows us to concentrate fully on finding the ideal candidate for a job in your company. Our recruiters approach potential candidates directly and actively by directly contacting TOP executives (Executive Search) and specialists (Expert Search). If you need to fill temporary positions, please use our Interim Management. The QRC Group is your competent human resources consulting firm for the pharmaceutical sector.

Health Care Pharma Branche

Retaining key employees

The clinical development of a drug is a lengthy process that takes years to complete – this requires not only enormous investment, but also the long-term retention of employees. Companies that lose executives or senior pharmacists and chemists during the on-going development process can often be set back by months. Only those who are able to retain their decision-makers and executives with the right benefits will survive in the industry in the long term and be able to convince high potentials to join their pharmaceutical company.

Recruiting TOP employees

The development of a drug by no means marks the end of the work process; pharmaceutical companies continue to rely on dedicated personnel beyond this stage. Both legal and scientific specialists are needed in the drug approval process to validate drugs and ensure a smooth sales launch. After that, it is up to experts in sales and marketing to boost sales.

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Staffing requirements in the pharmaceutical industry

In biology, biotechnology and biochemistry, the life sciences have established themselves as a modern field of research in which findings from the pharmaceutical and chemical industries are used for the benefit of society through application- and market-oriented research, making them monetisable in the long term as well. In practice, executives from life sciences and the pharmaceutical industry are already working closely together in many companies to ensure that the return on investment is as high as possible. Executives must therefore also be able to work in international meetings and teams and to guide experts, especially when the company is a global player.

News in pharma

Digitalisation, block chain database solutions, artificial intelligence have also been gaining momentum in the pharmaceutical/chemical and healthcare industries for some time now. The Bundesverband Medizintechnologie e. V. (German Medical Technology Association) and the medical technology association Spectaris see these as priority topics for the future. In our demographically changing society,…

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Information about apps is becoming increasingly important in therapies. The care of people with chronic diseases can be personalised and managed more efficiently. The “Digital Care Act” will lead to more apps on prescription. The digital transformation process will result in information technology making drug intolerance statements, personalised medicines being…

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Marion Käser-Seitz

“YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT” Who does not know the statement of the “gastrosopher” Ludwig Feuerbach, which dates back to the middle of the 19th century and was shocking at the time but is now more famous than ever. His teaching is based, among other things, on the findings of…

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Digitalisation has long since entered the pharmaceutical industry. In order to remain efficient and thus competitive in a fast-moving environment, more and more companies are relying on digitisation along the entire value chain. Whether research and development, regulatory and clinical tests, compliance, production, quality management, customer management or distribution –…

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The requirements for the development of drugs are extremely high. National and international standards change and become more stringent from year to year, making the entire value chain of a pharmaceutical manufacturer a challenge. Compliance management is responsible for ensuring that legal requirements are met. This is where the threads…

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As a chemist you only work in a laboratory? Far from it – the fields of application for chemists are as diverse as chemistry itself, and the same applies to the pharmaceutical industry. From A for analytics or application technology to marketing, production, product management, process engineering and sales, a…

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