Our client is the global R&D organization of a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider. For the  R&D laboratory in Munich we are now looking for a (Senior) Expert of Trustworthy Test Engineering (m/f/d).
At present, our client has launched a comprehensive transformation program of trustworthy software engineering. Based on how to ensure the external credibility of the product, building a trustworthy testing capability from the inside out is the key of change in the field of test engineering.
Now we are looking for senior test engineering experts (m/f/d) in the trustworthy field, who can gain insight into the industry's advanced test engineering and technology, and apply it to our client’s portfolio of products and solutions. 

Senior Expert of Trustworthy Test Engineering (m/f/d)

Standort: Großraum München

Referenznummer: DETMA19770

  • Responsible for the construction and application of the hierarchical trustworthy test capabilities, including test standards, test procedures, test engineering methods, test technologies, etc., and the enabling and implementation of core capabilities in the company's main products:
  • Responsible for test engineering methods and technical research, development and implementation of trustworthy features such as resilience, security, safety, reliability and availability.
  • Formulate trustworthy standards and specific requirements for the testing process, guarantee related testing processes, and support the research, development and implementation of trustworthy engineering methods and technologies for the testing process.
  • Third-party certification research, introducing certification standards for transforming / developing certification standards, testing engineering methods, and technologies to support high-level third-party certification of all products.
  • As the coach, empower and guide the trustworthy test engineering capabilities for the core product areas include 5G, terminals, routers, etc.
  • Establish standards within the company, and work closely with the industry to reach the top in the industry in terms of processes, methods, technologies, and tools, and enhance the overall influence of the trustworthy testing in the industry.
  • University degree in informatics or similar discipline. 
  • Minimum 8 years of professional experience
  • Familiar with DFX test engineering methods and technologies such as system / software reliability testing, security testing, performance testing.
  • Proficiency in test design engineering methods and techniques such as exploratory testing and MBT.
  • Familiar with the testing process in development modes such as waterfall, agile and DevOps.
  • Understand the trustworthiness standards of ISO, IEC, IEEE, BSI, NIST and other international, national and academic institutions.
  • Master third-party certifications such as CC, FIPS and other certification standards, test methods and technologies.
  • Master at least one or more mainstream programming languages such as C / C ++, JAVA, JavaScript, Python, Golang, familiar with linux / Unix operating system, and be proficient in various software development tools.
  • Have good communication skills, be able to participate in external technical cooperation, standards or conference organization, and be 
  • Fluent in written and spoken English
  • Must be eligible to work in the European Union to be considered for this position. 
Preferred Technical and Professional Expertise
  • Test technology expert in DFX in finance, internet, aviation, automotive, terminal and other industries.
  • Have worked as a technical expert in a third party testing and certification body.
  • Those who have significant influence in relevant international industry associations and important open source communities.
  • Have SBT / Fuzz / Chaos and other industry advanced test technology / engineering method research and practical experience, have a certain influence in relevant industry associations / conferences, or important contributors to related open source projects.
If you are interested in this attractive opportunity please send us an email with your CV (in English) and/or give us a call. 

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