IT-Compliance and Software Asset Management

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IT-Compliance and Software Asset Management

QRC has a bold experience in finding the right personalities for expert and executive positions. In my career I have supervised many Software-Asset-Management projects and built consultant teams. I know the specifics and challenges in recruiting for these positions out of my personal experience. It is my mission to find the ideal candidate in a tight job market with very limited resources.

Why should we work together?

For companies and institutions

You see an increasing need to professionalize your IT-Compliance and Software Asset Management. The following reasons might apply:

  • Compliance requirements and audits addressed by IT-Suppliers / OEM
  • increasingly complex licensing rules (EULA, EA, ELA etc.)
  • Gain cost savings / avoid non budgeted expenses for incremental licenses
  • Increasing dynamics within your IT, generated by:
    • internal factors like universal usage of virtualization technologies
    • external factors like curve-outs, M&A and increasing needs to integrate third parties into your value chain.

Also increased adoption of cloud technologies will not heal this challenge. The utilization of cloud services from multiple SP lead to increased complexity: Different license agreements, termination periods and SLA will further increase complexity.

For Suppliers of tools (OEM) and Service Providers

Best of breed offerings only will not be sufficient in future. Markets are increasingly demanding integrated solutions and consider outsourcing / out-tasking. Service Providers and Suppliers of Tools need to build new competencies and successfully position them in front of clients.

Which positions for which Markets?

Profiles and Segments SAMEnd-UserSupplier of ToolsService-Provider
Strategic Purchasing
IT-Compliance Manager
Legal Expert
Project Leader
Sales Manager / Director