Industry 4.0

QRC Group Oberhaching – PLM-Recruitment

We classify the PLM market into providers, manufacturers and consultants offering PLM solutions, and end customers, the users of PLM systems.

PLM providers face the strategic challenge of developing engagement strategies for implementation of Industry 4.0 objectives and offering practical solutions and consulting services. Our end customers face similar technical challenges.

  • What expertise and qualifications will be required?
  • What expertise and qualifications must still be developed?
  • Specialists – Industry 4.0 readiness

The establishment of a responsive PLM and Industry 4.0 team combining expertise and experience in mechanical engineering and IT forms the basis of many of the activities of our end customers. Ultimately, the question of personnel planning and development in production-intensive industries must also be addressed.

The socio-economic consequences of the Industry 4.0 topics on the world of work (digitalization and networking) pose new challenges for professionals and management. Appropriate strategies for continuing education, work-time models, and access to qualifications must be developed.

PLM providers Solution providers

Strong demand by industry for an expanded portfolio of solutions from PLM providers.

PLM end customers Manufacturing companies

Roadmap design and assembly of the implementation team for PLM end customers.