Questions and answers

QRC Group Oberhaching – PLM-Recruitment

Could I get a job with the QRC Group Oberhaching – PLM?

Not often, most positions are advertised on behalf of our customers. We are a standard employment agency and work exclusively in the PLM market. Our objective is to match you with your desired company and your desired position.

How do I apply?

Fill out the contact form on our job portal or simply send an email to . Don’t forget to send in your documents.

Can you conduct salary negotiations for me?

Not often, we discuss it with you and give you a realistic estimate of what is possible. Because we are involved with all fields of the PLM market, we are familiar with the market conditions. However, if negotiations with your future employer are not going well, in some cases we can try to mediate. You will always receive comprehensive feedback.

Why do companies use headhunters?

The PLM market is small. Candidates do not move very often. Many companies do not have the time and the technical skill to look at the complete market. Headhunters should also prequalify applicants. This saves time and money.

Why should I use a headhunter like QRC Group Oberhaching – PLM?

Because we work exclusively in the PLM field, we have a wide range of contacts at the executive levels of all PLM companies and end customers. If we have discussed your documents and your requirements, we can establish contact with your desired company quickly and easily – and at the professional PLM level. This procedure enables us to recruit qualified PLM professionals in a fast-track process. Your advantage – immediate contact with decision-makers and our professional services. We also know where the hotspots are.

If I am looking for employment using a headhunter, doesn’t this reduce my chances of employment, because many companies don’t want to pay the fee?

Not really. It is normal to pay these fees in the PLM market. The main problem of many of our customers is to find and then make contact with potential applicants. Appointment processes take time because in many cases there are HR requirements to be fulfilled. Many positions remain vacant. Even if enough candidates have applied for a position, companies often do not have the resources for professionally checking the documents against the requirements. The main reason for our business.