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Are you looking at our web site now? Try networking with us. This is how “networking” works.

The myth of the candidate database

  • Few candidates are currently searching

  • Small market

  • Candidate databases are out of date in just a few days

  • PLM is currently a candidate market – not a customer market

QRC Group Oberhaching has a wide-ranging network of candidates and maintains contact with many decision-makers and influential people in the PLM market.

“Just have a look through your files” is one of many statements that we used to hear from customers. A search for high-potential individuals based purely on a database is not usually successful – what works is targeted selection and direct search!

The PLM market is very small. Only a few candidates are actively searching at any time and they are usually quickly snapped up (4 weeks). There are no current databases of candidates.

It is important to inform “candidates potentially interested in a change” about the search company, to qualify the required soft skills, and to identify a number of potential candidates. This can only work with personal and active contact. Our PLM network is always a useful starting point (all of our recruiters have a wide range of social network contacts) but it is always supplemented by our direct search.

At the very least we can often present good candidates within a few weeks. However, ultimately only one method works: active search, identification, qualification, and contact. Placing ads and waiting for responses does not yield a qualified list of candidates.