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QRC Group Oberhaching – PLM-Recruitment
For customers

The PLM market has many unique qualities, and we always strive to offer our clients unrivaled service and to meet their individual needs. We do this through regular, open communication and through our understanding of markets and ethical principles. The quality of our applicants and the preselection process to determine if they are the best fit for the particular company culture allows us to establish and cultivate strong, long term relationships with clients and candidates alike.

We work with each client individually and adapt our recruiting strategy based on their specific needs.

Our highly motivated recruiting team in the QRC Group Oberhaching PLM business unit offers its clients the advantages of a medium-size consulting and support by a highly motivated recruiting team. At the same time, the team has access to the resources and network associated with a large recruitment consulting company (QRC Group AG) and can include these as added value to its clients.

PLM services „Search“ spectrum

The QRC Group PLM focuses its “Search” spectrum on specific positions.

Services and processes that our customers expect during the candidate search.