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For candidates

All persons involved are faced with new challenges due to changes in the PLM market and the breakup of old structures. After two highly dynamic decades, the market has reached a certain level of maturity. Many former vendors have expanded or changed their business models or business policies while others have exited or had to exit the market.

The fact is that today’s market is highly consolidated, but still has plenty of room for growth – including in the PLM job market. Judging from the current growth figures, a reduction in demand for PLM software and projects is not anticipated. On the contrary, due to an acceleration in production processes, the demands for competitiveness, and high, continuous investments by companies, chosen paths require a high return of investment.

PLM as a corporate strategy is firmly implemented in companies today, but is a never-ending strategy that must always be adapted to market conditions. Needless to say the demand for specialists and experts as well as new recruits is higher than ever.

Whether you are looking for a project, a permanent position or for new challenges as a freelancer, we would like to hear from you. We can help point you in a new direction or introduce you to successful, growing companies.

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