Our candidate search process

QRC Group Oberhaching – PLM-Recruitment

The QRC recruiting process can be divided into three main components:

  • 1. Customer requirements
  • 2. Recruiting
  • 3. Presentation & appointment

1. Contract, order and customer requirements

  • Specification of general contractual and legal conditions between the client and QRC
  • Specific request for a position by submission of a purchase order (PO)
  • Briefing discussion with the customer for preparation of a detailed description of the position

Time: 1-2 weeks

  • 1. Customer requirements
  • 2. Recruiting
  • 3. Presentation & appointment

2.1 Publication of the position

  • Placement of the vacant position on line in all relevant portals: QRC, Monster, StepStone, XING, Experteer, Jobware, etc.
  • If applicable, search for suitable professional publications and newspapers and publication of print advertisement

2.2 Direct search

  • Search for candidates in the QRC in-house database
  • Preparation of a profile, e.g. in the XING talent manager or Experteer, direct contact with potential candidates by email or telephone
  • Preparation of a list of target companies, direct approach employees of target companies

2.3 Analysis of competitors

  • Comparison of all applications with the requirements profile by the customer
  • Initial interview by telephone to clarify motivation, background, salary, start date, etc.
  • Preparation of a QRC applicant profile for the customer

The first profiles are generally available after 3-6 weeks

  • 1. Customer requirements
  • 2. Recruiting
  • 3. Presentation & appointment

3.1 Coordination and support during the application phase

  • Coordinating schedule for interviews,candidate briefing, feedback to applicants depending on acceptance or rejection, or 2nd round

3.2 Interviews of applicants conducted by the customer

  • Depending on customer requirements and consultation – with support by the QRC-PLM team
  • If necessary: involvement in communication between customer and applicants during discussions of salary and contract terms

3.3 Invoicing by QRC

  • Customer to pay invoice within 14 business days or in accordance with terms of contract