External managers can breathe new life into a company

January 26, 2015 Blog, News

It would appear that many companies have not sufficiently realised what a positive effect this can have, and prefer to fill positions internally, since this is supposedly quicker. However, using a few easy tricks, an external search can also bring success.

  • External managers bring in new perspectives
  • However, at first glance, filling positions internally seems the easiest option for small and mid-sized companies
  • If you want to attract high potential candidates, you must emphasise the soft factors

NUREMBERG/December 2014 Management of junior employees and talent should be a firmly established aspect of a company’s personnel management. Any company that invests large sums of money in the training and qualifications of its employees would be well advised to keep them in the company for the long term. However, when it comes to the management, it cannot hurt to think outside the proverbial box. External managers bring in new perspectives, are not blinded by professional routine and can breathe new life into a company.
Many mid-sized companies seem to underestimate this positive effect or do not consider it to be sufficiently important. This is one of the conclusions of the recent survey “HR Trends in Mid-Sized Companies” that was carried out by the QRC Group recruitment consultancy.

Small and mid-sized companies in rural areas rely on employee recommendations

Why is it that so many companies – particularly small and mid-sized companies in rural areas – prefer to look internally when it comes to recruiting new management? This may well be due to the fact that it is simply much quicker: because small and mid-sized companies in rural areas frequently use employee recommendations, vacant positions can often be filled within just a month. 30 percent of respondents acknowledged that this is the case.

If you want to attract high potential candidates, you have to be persuasive

10 percent of job openings remain vacant longer than six months; five percent even longer than twelve months. Whether recruiting employees at management or specialist level, small and mid-sized companies must work on improving their recruitment practices. These days, candidates with high potential, i.e. the brightest minds and future top managers, can practically choose where they wish to work. Attracting them out to rural areas – a prospect that at first glance might not seem quite so attractive as the big city – requires careful planning and consideration.

What “extras” do you offer? Put your advantages into words

What speaks in favour of you as a company? What makes your location particularly attractive? What “extras” do you offer your employees? Soft factors, such as quality of life and environment, good infrastructure or ensuring a good work-life balance can be THE decisive factor. These days, they are not necessarily more important than the advertised position itself, but at the very least as important.
Therefore, the job posting should not just include details regarding the position, salary and the expertise and skills required, but should also place special emphasis on the soft factors.