Talentmanagement – the basis of successful human resources management

November 7, 2011 Blog, Walter Middeldorf

Good staff are a company’s most valuable asset

Successful enterprises convince the market by demonstrating excellent human resources management. Sustainable proactive recruitment, i.e. recruitment that is cost-efficient and result-oriented, joins staff training and development as the highest priorities.

Motivated, contented, creative staff with high levels of commitment and enthusiasm are the most valuable asset of any enterprise.

Given the increasingly dramatic lack of qualified employees, the only companies that stand a long-term chance of winning the War of Talents will be those that are fully in control of the entire recruitment process, from the selection of candidates and human resources development to long-term employee retention..

Successful selection of applicants prevents disruption to the operating process, staff fluctuation, discontent and, consequently, high costs. It is a key success factor for an enterprise, and one of its specific challenges is to select employees who are best suited for the team and the corporate culture with respect to expertise and staffing needs. Talent must be recruited in a manner that secures the success of the enterprise over the medium and long term.

Leading executive search agency QRC Group optimises your applicant selection, using the following range of methods:

Positioning your enterprise

We work with the directors of your enterprise to design a presentation of a detailed company profile which will attract potential applicants.

Job Description

We work with your management team and HR and technical departments to draw up an employee profile from the required specialist capabilities and soft skills.

Executive Search

We apply our technical experience in the industry in conducting the pre-selection of potentially suitable applicants. We select the persons best suited to your enterprise in personal interviews.

Potential Analysis

We apply the scientifically developed and internationally successful method of performance potential analysis to determine the applicant’s soft skill potential, including teamwork skills, leadership style, goal orientation, assertiveness and motivation.


Upon request, a further assessment is conducted in the final selection phase. Here the candidates are given the opportunity to show their potential in a highly realistic way which accurately reflects the situation at your company.

Human Resources Development

Human resources development involves providing support for executives and staff in the development of their performance potential, with the goal of enabling the entire staff to reach high-potential development at both professional and personal level. Leadership coaching, performance coaching and team development are important elements of sustainable human resources development.

Leading executive search agency QRC Group optimises human resources development in your enterprise, using the following range of methods:

Leadership Coaching

We initiate learning processes covering aspects from personal development and skills training to change process design for executives’ own organisational units.

Performance Coaching

By delivering precise feedback, this type of coaching supports employees in enhancing their strengths profile and discontinuing ineffective behaviours. The goal is to empower employees to optimise corporate performance by contributing their own work results.

Team Development

Our team analysis is aimed at improving the efficiency of internal and cross-functional teams, depending on the given corporate situation and objectives. Team development is critical wherever framework conditions alter due to a change in leadership or when new staff or departments are integrated.

Staff Retention

Retention of qualified staff in the enterprise presents the next challenge for modern human resources management. Fluctuation not only entails immense costs and loss of know-how, but also affects harmony within the company and its external image. Systematic human resources and organisational development ensure that qualified staff are integrated on a long-term basis, expertise of technical staff and leaders is enhanced and recruitment costs are minimised.

Leading executive search agency QRC Group optimises staff retention using the following range of methods:

Individual Coaching

A form of coaching designed to develop new perspectives and perceptions and to enable staff to discover their own personal resources.

Conflict Management

Our experienced consultants help to break down obstacles, take the spanner out of the works and effectively restore and boost productivity.

Organisational Development

We provide consultancy services for process and structural change, for reorganisation and strategic development. We design processes to ensure that staff are no longer mere followers, but become stakeholders who play an active role in shaping development.